Due to his terrible English speaking abilities, a Bengaluru con artist who deceived over 15 ladies under the pretense of getting married was unable to entice any more innocent victims.Bengaluru resident Mahesh K. B. Nayak, who lives in Banashankari, was detained by Mysuru police on Sunday.ToI claims that since 2014, 35-year-old Nayak has wed at least 15 women and vanished with their money and jewelry.Mahesh was detained as a result of a complaint made by a Mysuru-based software engineer woman who the suspect had married earlier this year. Another woman who was deceived by the man by fabricating information also went to the police.To find him, the city police assembled a squad, and they captured him at Tumakuru.As per a TOI report, Mahesh made a fake matrimonial profile on an online site to entice women and posed as an engineer or a doctor most of the time to attract more prospects, said police.When he posed as a doctor, Mahesh set up a fake clinic in Tumakuru and even hired a nurse to support his claim.While many women fell into his trap, many were able to suspect something fishy due to his poor English speaking skills. Several women rejected Mahesh’s marriage proposal when they heard him speak English as his poor language skills acted as a red flag to many of his potential victims, TOI reported.According to police, Mahesh married 15 women and even had four kids with them. He rarely met his wives and most of the women he had married were well-educated professionals.TOI also reported that most victims realised they were being conned by the man but did not complain about it due to fear of embarrassment.

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