Acollege pupil ended his lifestyles after being accused of copying in an exam. He changed into accused of copying in the exam and was mentally burdened via the examination squad, stated the sufferer’s mom, appealing for justice. The 19-12 months-vintage, reading at PES College, Bengaluru, become accused of cheating inside the B.Tech exam. He become thereafter suspended from the examination.

Aditya Prabhu, who changed into reading B.Tech at Girinagar PES College, ended his life on July 17 by means of leaping off the eighth floor of the university. The statements given by the university workforce and the mother of the sufferer are completely extraordinary. The 19-12 months-old’s mom has appealed for justice for her son. On Instagram, she has started a campaign #justiceforadityaprabhu. She has without delay accused the management of the PES University of her son’s demise.

Background of the incident


According to the declaration launched to the media, by the college, “Aditya Prabhu become accused of copying within the exam, and he changed into suspended from the examination. He become made to sit down in the staffroom, and he informed the mother and father approximately the matter. Therefore, he ended his lifestyles, being sad about the incident.”

However, Aditya Prabhu’s mom claimed, “I got a name from my son on July 17 at eleven.Forty five am, wherein he had complained that the college body of workers become harassing him for copying in the examination. He said, ‘I become blind to the cell phone in my pocket at the same time as writing the examination. When I became aware, I stored it at the bench and it was on aeroplane mode. The invigilator came to me and accused me of copying, just mins before the exam got over.”

“Later, the university workforce asked him to come all the way down to the university, reporting the incident. When he reached, there has been nobody. They made him look forward to an hour and the mentor got here to fulfill me. When I enquired about my son, they stated he had long past for a walk. I changed into startled and requested them to test the CCTV footage as Aditya never roamed around. The workforce stated he’s going to are available in sometime and made me sit down quietly. Sometime later, the mentor ran off after receiving a name. There changed into an ambulance and the police at the other stop of the university, I was screaming, involved about my son. I become instructed that my son was no longer alive for which I asked them to admit him to the sanatorium. They requested me to sign a few papers and asked me to affirm if he was my son or now not. On affirmation, they requested me to signal a paper and later, they handed over the frame to me,’ she said.

“An ambulance came someday later, together with the police. My circle of relatives contributors got here and they demanded an investigation into the incident. Later, even the forensic department got here and the research went on till 7.30 pm. The different college students inside the exam hall said that the invigilator saw the cell telephone just five minutes earlier than the examination got over. What changed into he doing at some point of the remaining 2 hrs 55 mins? He turned into supposed to observe the policies and no longer harass my son. After he was despatched to the group of workers room, he turned into no longer supposed to be left unattended. They even delayed the process of admitting my son to the clinic,” she brought.

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