Recently, a fan was spotted shaking a leg to the newly released song Kaavaalaa from the movie Jailer. He was joined by none other than the actress Tamannaah on whom the song is picturized. It so happened that Tamannaah was flying out of Mumbai a few days back when she was stopped by a fan, who wanted to dance to the energetic track Kaavaalaa. Initially hesitant, Tamannaah can be heard saying, “mera flight miss hojayega (I will miss my flight).” However, she obliges and also dances to the song alongside the fan. As Tamannaah walks away after sharing a hug with the fan, she can be seen addressing the paparazzi and saying, “Mere se better kar raha hai yeh (He is doing better than me).”

The video went viral almost instantly on all social media platforms. One such Twitter fan page also shared the video with the caption, “Tammy spotted at Mumbai airport as she headed to Jaipur for a project and she dances with a pap at the airport for Trending #Kaavaalaa song.”

A few days back, Tamannaah also replied to a fan who had synced Shakira’s song Waka Waka as the background music to Tamannaah’s Kaavaalaa video. Sharing the video on Twitter, a fan captioned the video, “Indian Shakira.” To the fan’s delight, the video caught the attention of Tamannaah herself, who reshared it with the caption, “Have to admit the sync is pretty good.”