The locations associated with Lord Krishna are always unique among India’s many holy sites. The Braj Matsya region is another name for these. These locations—Vrindavan, Gokul, and Mathura—are most closely linked to Krishna’s birth.

However, in 1757 the invading forces from Afghanistan led by the satanic Ahmed Shah Abdali and his 30000 man army stormed Mathura and Vrindavan out of avarice for the wealth of the Temple and to assert their religious superiority. 10,000 Hindu soldiers, led by Prince Jawahar Singh, attempted to defend the holy sites, but in vain they were unable to repel the invaders. Many devout women plunged into the mighty Yamuna river amid mass rapes, executions, looting of wealth, and temple destruction.

The Afghan army turned towards Gokul, which was a few miles away after completely destroying Vrindavan. It was put under the command of Commander Sardar Khan and his 20000 soldiers. When Sardar Khan and his soldiers arrived in the city of Gokul, they were startled and surprised to see nearly 3000 Naga Sadhus standing by with swords and spears in their hands. When Sardar Khan considered what these naked people would do to his well-equipped and trained army, he laughed them off and ordered his soldiers to butcher them before lunch.

A war broke out between the Afghans and the Nagas, and the Afghans’ expectations were quickly disproved as their army crumbled under them like a house of cards. Sardar Khan was terrified by this and requested backup forces of 5000 soldiers right away, but even these numbers were insufficient to withstand the force of the Naga sadhus.

The Afghan soldiers were terrified to see faces covered in ash. The Afghan army’s strength decreased as a result of significant losses. King Ahmed Shah Abdali, who was at Vrindavan, was outraged by this and sent more troops, but it was ineffective because the Naga-Aghori Sadhus overcame even them. Afghans’ dismembered bodies were accumulating, and the Afghan army’s morale was declining. Commander Sardar Khan gave the orders for his soldiers to withdraw out of fear for his life.

Thus the Naga Sadhus were able to save the holy city of Gokul from the satanic forces.The battle cry of ‘Har Har Mahadev” rattled the enemy and the invaders never dared to bat an eye on the holy city of Gokul again!

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