There are certain trends that do not appear to be trends when the films are released, but become so after a while. This is due to the fact that similar content is receiving a lot of attention these days. And this has been going on for quite some time.

Back then, dubbed films such as ‘Manmadha’ were a smash hit, and the way heroine Sindhu Tolani’s character cheats on the hero in particular became a highlight, turning the film into a money spinner at the box office.

Later on, films such as Kumari 21F, RX100, and, most recently, DJ Tillu have these roles of ‘bold’ coloured heroines with a dark history and present, and it played well at the box office.

And now, similarly daring content is making money for ‘Baby’ in Telugu states, which gets us to the discussion, ‘whenever the heroine’s role is crooked, dark, and daring, the film will become a blockbuster’.

However, many other films have shown heroines in a dark shade, in a terrible spotlight, and in a variety of other situations, but those did not work. These films are more likely to succeed if they are accompanied by a fantastic storyline, enchanting songs, powerful acting, and an effective marketing effort. The films we mentioned above were all musical blockbusters first, and that helped them get massive attention.


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