On Saturday, July 8, the Sivasagar district of Assam reported a crude oil spilling occurrence from an oil-bearing pipeline.

According to reports, an Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) pipe ruptured on Friday, July 7, causing crude oil to begin flowing and causing fear among the locals.

From Khoragor Chariali in the Sibsagar district, the incidence was reported.

The event has alarmed the locals, who claim that the oil spill was caused by a faulty pipeline that the ONGC constructed.

One of the residents was interviewed by the media and stated, “This is the result of poor maintenance, the company keeps on repairing the old pipes hence such incident is taking place…this is not the first time from 20218 I have seen at least 20-25 incidence of pipeline burst.”

As soon as ONGC personnel learned about the mishap, they travelled to the scene and fixed the pipeline.

Locals have demanded that the company install a new pipeline to avert such mishappenings in the future.

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