The Asian Cricket Council (ACC) is set to adopt the PCB’s hybrid proposal for the Asia Cup, with Sri Lanka serving as the neutral site where India’s games can be played. The model predicts that Pakistan will host four, and maybe five, of the tournament’s 13 games.

The final, if India competes, and all of the India-Pakistan games will take place in Sri Lanka.

According to ESPN info, a formal announcement will probably be made after the weekend. Currently, the competition will take place between September 1 and September 17. The games for the Pakistan leg are most likely to take place in Lahore.

The expected clearance signals a big milestone in a standoff that has ICC events, most pressingly the World Cup in India this year but also the Champions Trophy in Pakistan in 2025, and has carried on for a while.

There is now a chance that a deal reached here could make it easier for  Pakistan to visit India for the World Cup.

Due to India and Pakistan’s resistance to visiting each other’s countries, the hybrid model was put out as a remedy.

Pakistan choose this arrangement in order to keep the hosting rights after India declined to tour the country.

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