The Tollywood drug case is expanding daily and changing dramatically. The producer of the Telugu version of Kabali, KP Chowdhary, was apprehended by the police in a narcotics case as he was transporting drugs from Goa to Hyderabad, as is well known. As it appears that several more celebrities besides KP Chowdhary are involved in this matter, it is currently trembling Tollywood as a whole. Senior actress Surekha Vani and Model/Upcoming Actress Ashu Reddy’s names are now associated with this drugs issue, according to sources from news outlet TV9.

The sons of politicians and celebrities are apparently horrified by this news because they fear that the probe may reveal their names. KP Chowdary provided the police with a list of his clients throughout the two days of questioning they conducted. The Telugu cinema industry is once again alarmed by the inclusion of tollywood celebs in that list.

On the list are Ashu Reddy, Jyothi, and Surekha Vani. However, some online users assert that it must have some element of truth. The images of Surekha Vani and other people in the past with KP Chowdary that are currently making the rounds on social media are the cause for their stating thus. The fact that KP Chowdary was at practically every function they attended raises a lot of questions right now.

Particularly, one image of Surekha Vani has gained significant popularity online. She is spotted kissing KP Chowdary in the parking lot of the automobile at a party while intoxicated. Online users are criticising her for this. Some claim that she acted in that manner due to the effects of drugs, which casts doubt on the authenticity of the photograph. In additional photos, Ashu Reddy, Jyothi, and Surekha Vani can be seen with KP Chowdhary. They are joined by a few additional buddies.

But it’s still unclear to what category they belong. As a result of this news, social media is ablaze with speculation about the involvement of Surekha Vani, Jyothi, and Ashu Reddy in this case. Or are they compelled to participate in it? It appears that additional time will be needed to determine the precise reality.

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