Drinking water supplies in New Delhi will be cut by a quarter on Thursday and Friday due to flooding at three treatment plants, according to the government, as the Yamuna river spilled due to persistent rain.
After extremely severe rains in surrounding states like as Haryana, the river in Delhi has reached its greatest level.

Over the weekend, torrential rain fell on the city of 20 million people, causing flooding in low-lying districts and forcing hundreds of people to seek refuge in relief shelters.

“There will be a water problem in some areas of Delhi,” Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal tweeted.

“As soon as the water in the Yamuna recedes, we will try to start them as soon as possible,” he added of the three water treatment plants.

Mr Kejriwal stated that the river’s water level could peak later on Thursday, and that people were being evacuated from inundated regions in the meanwhile. “The most important thing is to save people’s lives.” “I appeal to the people of Delhi to work together in every way possible in this emergency,” he told reporters.

Since the monsoon began on June 1, Delhi has received record rainfall, with Punjab and Himachal Pradesh receiving 100% and 70% more rain than typical, respectively.

According to the authorities, rainfall in Delhi has been 112% above average. Flood barriers have been erected in the upscale Civil Lines residential neighbourhood, where some top officials, including Mr Kejriwal, live, in an attempt to stop the raging river water.

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