Arshad Warsi, a talented performer recognised for portraying a variety of roles throughout the years, recently won everyone over with his outstanding performance in “Asur 2.” The seasoned performer is glad to shed the label of “comic actor” and the manner in which he has been accepted in more serious roles.

However, the well-known actor recently admitted in an interview that there have been times when he has been unexpectedly replaced on films. When questioned if it makes him bitter, he maintains a positive attitude by saying that he always sees the good in everything. He doesn’t feel bitter since he thinks it’s better this way.

Arshad even remembered a recent episode in which he encountered a like circumstance. He was advised that he wouldn’t be pleased working on that specific picture owing to a hostile work atmosphere before being replaced. He favours a relaxed, happy environment where individuals joke about and encourage one another while avoiding criticism. In retrospect, he admits that being replaced could have really been a good thing since it might have prevented him from getting into a worse scenario or running into trouble with the filmmakers.

In the same interview, he also discussed how, despite playing serious roles like a lawyer in “Jolly LLB,” he was frequently stereotyped as a joker. He stresses the need of casting female performers who are his own age in age-appropriate roles. Arshad shows his happiness at the audience’s expanding acceptance of him in parts other than comedic ones. He is pleased that people are now appreciating the effort he has put into expanding his performances. He understands how difficult it has been.

Arshad is aware of the praise he has received from critics for his performance, but he also feels as though OTT platforms have rekindled interest in him. He acknowledges that OTT has given serious material a platform and given him more possibilities to show off his skills in both comedy and drama. Arshad also believes that playing a crucial part in the psychological thriller web series “Asur 2” gave him the chance to show off his flexibility and get more attention.

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