Noodles, as we all know, has achieved broad popularity and even adapts to regional tastes. Indo-Chinese noodles have become a staple of India’s street cuisine culture. However, fans of Asian food are curious about the different forms that noodles can take. Singapore noodles have piqued the interest of noodle connoisseurs with their explosion of delicious tastes. But, despite their name, are these delicious stir-fried noodles genuinely a Singaporean invention?

The unexpected response is no. Singapore noodles, contrary to popular perception, are not native┬áto Singapore. Singaporean cuisine is famous for its various and savoury dishes, such as prawn laksa and egg roti, as well as fish head curry and Hainanese chicken rice. Singapore noodles, on the other hand, are virtually unknown in Singapore. They are, in reality, the work of Cantonese cooks who developed them in Hong Kong’s bustling restaurants, street stalls, and tea houses.

Several stories claim that the dish originated in Hong Kong in the years following World War II. Curry powder had recently made its way into southern Chinese cabinets via British colonies, therefore Cantonese cooks in Hong Kong were looking for ways to incorporate it into their food. Singapore noodles were discovered about this time. Surprisingly, the term “Singapore noodles” was chosen to reflect both Singapore and Hong Kong’s multicultural nature.


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