Cats are a mystery that has caught the hearts of humanity for thousands of years. Their hidden personality and charming appearances have made them very popular pets, and according to one poll, cats govern 18% of households in the United Kingdom alone.

Cats sleep for 70% of their lives.
You’d be correct if you assumed cats spend the majority of their time napping. According to Veterinary Hub, cats spend 70% of their lives resting, which equates to 13-16 hours every day. It’s the life of a cat!

For 20 years, a cat served as Mayor of an Alaskan town.
Stubbs, an orange tabby cat, was the mayor of Talkeetna, a tiny town in Alaska, for 20 years! He won multiple uncontested elections, and although not having any legislative authority, he was popular with both people and tourists.

The longest cat ever measured is 48.5 inches.
Domestic cats are typically thought to be small and delicate creatures. But did you know the world’s longest cat was a 48.5-inch-long Maine Coon named Stewie? Arcturus, on the other hand, held the record for tallest cat at 19.05 inches! Those are some massive cats.

The world’s wealthiest cat was worth £7 million.
According to Guinness World Records, Blackie is the world’s wealthiest cat. When his rich owner died, he declined to include his family in his will, instead leaving his seven-million-pound inheritance to Blackie! We cannot believe that fascinating cat truth!

A cat travelled to space in 1963.
You’ve probably heard of monkeys and dogs in space, but did you know that a cat also went into the wide unknown? Felicette, commonly known as ‘Astrocat,’ was the first and only cat to travel to space on October 18, 1963.

When their cats died, the ancient Egyptians shaved their brows.
According to the Ancient History Encyclopaedia, Herodotus stated in 440BC that when a pet cat died, family members would shave their eyebrows in mourning. That’s a surprising cat fact!

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