All About Valorant

Starting With Valorant Agents

All  About Valorant
All  About Valorant
All  About Valorant
All  About Valorant
All  About Valorant

Simply What is Valorant ?

Valorant is a First-person hero 5v5 tactical shooter game where each player plays as a character called "Agent".adding distinct flavor and personality to the game, each bringing along a unique set of abilities and playstyles.

Valorant is a game, a combination of Counter Strike's gameplay and Fortnite's graphics. To be frank, it's not a combination, it's a whole different one. But if you are new to this game, that statement tells you a lot.

In this blog, we are going to see each agent and their powers.

There are currently 17 Agents in the VALORANT, with a total of four classes.

  • Duelists
  • Controllers
  • Initiators
  • Sentinels

Duelists :


Riot’s definition of a Duelist can be seen in-game in the descriptions of all Duelist agents;

“Duelists are self-sufficient fraggers who their team expects, through abilities and skills, to get high frags and seek out engagements first.”

The 5 Duelists are

  • Jett
  • Phoenix
  • Raze
  • Reyna
  • Yoru

Controllers :

Controllers are experts in “slicing up dangerous territory to set their team up for success.” This usually comes in the form of smokes, which can be used to offensively or defensively block off a target’s vision but also slows, stuns, and in some cases, flashes. 

  • Astra
  • Brimstone
  • Omen
  • Viper

Are the 4 controller agents.

Initiators :

Initiators “challenge angles by setting up their team to enter the contested ground and push defenders away.” These agents often excel on the offensive, setting up their teammates for success.

  • Breach
  • KAY/O
  • Skye
  • Sova

Are the 4 Initiator agents.

Sentinels :

Sentinels are “defensive experts who can lock down areas and watch flanks, both on attack and defender rounds.” In a game dedicated to planting or defusing the Spike, these agents are crucial. Chamber, Cypher, and Killjoy hold down sites with their gizmos and gadgets, while Sage puts a stop to pushes and rotations with slows and barricades. 

  • Chamber
  • Cypher
  • Killjoy
  • Sage

Are the 4 Sentinels


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