The White House stated Friday that seven prominent AI businesses in the United States have agreed to voluntary restrictions on the technology’s growth, agreeing to manage the risks of the new tools while competing over the potential of artificial intelligence.

At a meeting with President Joe Biden at the White House on Friday afternoon, the seven businesses — Amazon, Anthropic, Google, Inflection, Meta, Microsoft, and OpenAI — publicly proclaimed their commitment to new standards in the areas of safety, security, and trust.

“We must be clear-eyed and vigilant about the threats emerging from emerging technologies that can pose — don’t have to, but can pose — to our democracy and our values,” Biden said in a brief speech from the White House’s Roosevelt Room.

“This is a significant responsibility.” “We have to get it right,” he stated, accompanied by company leaders. “And there’s an enormous, enormous potential upside as well.”

The news comes as the businesses compete to outdo each other with AI versions that provide powerful new methods to create writing, photographs, music, and video without the need for human intervention. However, technological advancements have raised concerns about the spread of misinformation as well as dire warnings of a “risk of extinction” as artificial intelligence gets more intelligent and humanlike.

The voluntary precautions are simply a first, hesitant step as Washington and nations around the world attempt to establish legal and regulatory frameworks for artificial intelligence research. The agreements include testing products for security  risks and using watermarks to make sure consumers can spot AI-generated material.
But lawmakers have struggled to regulate social media and other technologies in ways that keep up with the rapidly evolving technology.

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