Short pitched winding

Advantages of short pitched winding:

  • The effect of Dominant Harmonics can be reduced. Therefore generated e.m.f is more sinusoidal.
  • Iron losses are reduced, efficiency will increase.
  • Saving of copper at end connections.
  • Self inductance of coil is reduced. Therefore Inductive reactance drop is less, Regulation is good.

Disadvantages of Short pitched windings:

  • Small reduction in the fundamental voltage

Distributed winding:

Advantages of Distributed winding:

  • The effect of Harmonics are reduced thereby Generated e.m.f is more sinusoidal.
  • With the Elimination of Harmonics, Iron losses are reduced and efficiency increased.
  • Temperature rise is uniformly distributed.
  • Cooling is effective.
  • Armature winding is mechanically balanced well.


  • Small reduction in fundamental voltage. The resultant emf waveforms with distributed and concentrated winding are shown below.


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