First of all, let me get out of trance.

Jai Shree Ram

Phewwww what a movie it was.

Reaction :

Right from the start the frames look amazing, all the backgrounds, all those characters look stunning, they did really well with costume designing. All the vanara sena looks amazing, but all the ravana sena looks like complete trash, that includes few CGI of ravana as well

Keeping these things aside some parts of the movie looks like well animated cartoon show, but most of the movie is well executed in CGI part

Performances :

Prabhas did well in the character of raghav aka rama, and Kriti as janaki aka sita did good in the parts where she is present. Saif ali khan is as evil as lankesh aka ravan but some parts of his CGI are as worst as , well there is nothing as worst as this

I personally loved the performance of Dedatta Nage as bhajrang aka our beloved Hanuman. His character is tough to portray as it has a human nature and a vanara nature at the same time. Devdatta did an amazing performance with such makeup and all it really looks quite impressive. Sunny Singh was good in his part.

As of the technical part, cinematography looks amazing with all the lighting, color grading is stunning which makes all the frames look beautiful, production values are top notch with no compromise, direction is really good, but there are few lag scenes and some parts of movie looks really really bad , like really bad.

Bgm is good but some parts of movie has some really flat score that made some beautifully composed scenes look boring

Review :

This movie has some really good aspects and some really bad aspects

Performances of actors, and technical department other than CGI has done really well, bgm is flat in few scenes, but overall it’s a good movie, directors makes you feel like you are in the world of ADIPURUSH not watching ADIPURUSH.

Rating :

Note :

Make sure you watch it in 3D

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