The mythical drama Adipurush, starring Prabhas and Kriti Sanon, had its theatrical debut today (June 16) to great excitement. The audience is thrilled with this film. Adipurush, an Indian mythological drama film, has been distributed across the country in a number of languages.

Day 1 Adipurush Box Office Collection Prediction
Adipurush, a much-anticipated Indian film, has made a significant impression at the box office. It grossed a stunning 850 crore on its first day, with the Telugu version earning 60 crore and the Hindi version earning 25 crore. The total net collection is still being calculated. Adipurush, which has a budget of around 500 crores, has received widespread global attention. It is expected to be released on 7,000 screens in India and 3,000 screens in other countries, for a total of 10,000 screens globally.

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