Positive Points:

Prabhas is one of the very few actors of the contemporary generation who can successfully portray mythological or recurring characters. Adipurush wouldn’t have been any better if another actor had played Lord Sri Rama because of the actor’s unequalled charisma and nobility.

The PAN-India star is a major revelation because to his charisma, demeanour, and dialogue delivery; he is ideal for the role of Lord Rama. He has an unmistakable screen presence and a knack of speaking in long dialogues.

For someone like Kriti Sanon, who has primarily portrayed gorgeous characters in her career, the Sita character is undoubtedly challenging, but boy, is she perfect as Janaki, aka Sita. Kriti’s stunning appearance and her mature acting give the action dimension. The Marathi actor Devdatte Nage gave the character of Lord Hanuman life. Sonal Chauhan, Vatsal Sheth, and Sunny Singh all meet the requirements.

Negative Points:

The second half failed to maintain the energy, even if the first half was rather interesting. It gets off to a sluggish start because the events shown here seem uninteresting.

The final combat dominates the majority of the screen time and, after a while, becomes tiresome to watch. To improve things, the editing team ought to have trimmed the length by ten minutes.

Sadly, every worry regarding the VFX has come true. The team spent a lot of time revisiting the VFX work after receiving harsh criticism for the teaser from everyone. But in this regard, the outcome falls short of expectations. The visual effects are poor for a film with a 500 crore budget.

Adipurush also has the additional flaw of being primarily shot in Hindi. Since the producers said that it was a Telugu-Hindi bilingual, it is definitely a significant disappointment when we watch performers mouthing Hindi dialogues. This problem occasionally slowed down the effect.

Many people may not like the way the Lanka planet and Ravanasura’s appearance are developed. certain scenes appear exaggerated because the filmmakers took certain artistic liberties.

                                                                                                       Over All Rating : 3/5


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