According to a senior Pentagon source, Chinese President Xi Jinping is still unsure of the timing for Taiwan’s unification despite having lofty goals. Army General Mark Milley of the US Army stated that Xi has not made up his mind on whether or not to launch a military unification project by 2027.

General Milley stated that Xi had challenged his troops to acquire the capacity to carry out the unification process when the time comes in a speech to a crowd at the National Press Club in Washington.

The People’s Liberation Army has been openly tasked by He [Xi] to build the military capacity necessary to unite Taiwan with China by 2027. He didn’t declare, ‘I’ve chosen to assault and invade,’ thus, Milley explained.

Milley remarked Although Xi didn’t explicitly declare his intention to attack Taiwan, he implied it by assigning his forces a deadline.

You generals build the capacity to accomplish it, he added; we’ll make the choice afterwards. There is a very minor difference there, he continued.

The US military should modernise more quickly.

Milley urged the US military to swiftly modernise its forces in order to maintain its dominance and prevent Beijing from annexing Taiwan.

“You want to make sure that President Xi wakes up every single day and says today’s not that day, and that decision never comes,” Milley added.

“I believe that the faster we modernise our military, the faster we can maintain military superiority.” We are more likely than not going to prevent conflict, and if it occurs,

 Pentagon officials made their comments a few days after US Secretary of State Antony Blinken met with Xi and stated that Washington did not back Taiwan’s desire for independence.At the same time, Blinken told reporters, “We and many others have serious concerns about some of the provocative actions that China has recently taken going back to 2016.”

In an apparent reference to future flashpoints like Taiwan, Chinese President Xi pleaded with the US not to “hurt China’s legitimate rights and interests” during their meeting.

Will never renounce option to use force in Taiwan: Xi 

Washington believes that the Chinese president is uncertain, but Xi has repeatedly stated that the unification of Taiwan is still his ultimate goal.

Speaking at the once every five years 20th party congress, Xi stated last year that the Chinese people alone should decide on the Taiwan issue.

“The resolution of the Taiwan issue is a matter for the Chinese people themselves, to be decided by the Chinese people,” declared Xi.

The CCP leader continued by saying that China has the right to “take all necessary measures” against separatist groups.

“We will continue to make every effort and work with the utmost seriousness to achieve peaceful reunification. But we won’t ever pledge to stop using force. We also reserve the right to take whatever steps are required.

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