Every year, we celebrate the coconut day on the 2nd of september. World Coconut Day is celebrated every year to promote and raise awareness of the importance of coconut fruit for our health, wellness, environment, and role in alleviating a population out of poverty.World Coconut Day is celebrated on September 2 every year in major coconut-producing countries, including India. The coconut palm is often called the ‘tree of life’ owing to its versatile use in food, fuel, medicine, cosmetics, building materials, and various other uses.

World Coconut Day is observed on September 2 to commemorate the formation of Asian Pacific Coconut Community (APCC).  The APCC is headquartered at Jakarta, Indonesia and all major coconut growing countries including India are members of APCC. On September 2, the world celebrates one of nature’s healthiest foods and promotes the uses and importance of Coconuts.The Coconut fruits were first domesticated by the Austronesian peoples in Island Southeast Asia and were spread during the Neolithic via their seaborne migrations as far east as the Pacific Islands, and as far west as Madagascar and the Comoros.

Coconuts are members of the drupe family, and it is a fleshy fruit that has been planting in tropical regions. A rich source of electrolytes and lauric acid, coconuts contain many antioxidants and antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antiviral. They are produced in more than 80 countries around the world. India currently is the third largest coconut producer with Indonesia at the top.

Which country is famous for yielding the Coconut :

India is the largest coconut-producing country in the world and accounted for about 31.45% of the world’s total production during 2021-22, with a production of 19,247 million nuts.

The state-wise production of coconuts in the Indian country :

Indian Production of COCONUT
Production(000 Tonnes)
Sr No. State Production Share(%)
1 Karnataka 4,210.87 30.83
2 Tamil Nadu 3,751.26 27.47
3 Kerala 3,307.78 24.22
4 Andhra Pradesh 1,127.27 8.25
5 West Bengal 278.73 2.04
6 Orissa 273.32 2.00
7 Maharashtra 153.44 1.12
8 Gujarat 147.26 1.08
9 Assam 107.94 0.79
10 Bihar 54.06 0.40
11 Tripura 12.72 0.09
12 Chattisgarh 9.35 0.07
13 Nagaland 6.16 0.05
14 Telangana 6.06 0.04
15 Arunachal Pradesh 0.21 0.00
16 Mizoram 0.10 0.00
17 Others 210.85 1.54
Page Total 13,657.38

 Uses a Coconut Tree and Coconuts :

Coconut is high in fiber and low in carbs, so it helps control blood sugar levels in our bodies. Coconut meat and water contain numerous antioxidants that fight against factors causing cell damage.  Coconut water is generally considered safe to consume and provides a delicious source of natural electrolytes. The antioxidant also reduces the risk of many diseases such as cancer.

  • Coconut-fruit Flesh  : Milk, Food & Flour.
  • Coconut  Flowers      : Medicine.
  • Coconut Tree             : Husks: Ropes.
  • Coconut Tree Sticks : Brooms.
  • Coconut Tree Wood : Fires in Traditional Kitchens.
  • Coconut Tree Leaves: Thatching.
  • Coconut Tree Shells : To Steam Food & Craft.
  • Coconut Tree Water : A Healthy & Refreshing Drink.


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