What do you name a circumstance in which you receive a letter in the mail that was sent more than 50 years ago?
It must be classified as a mystery, similar to how a woman in the United States was shocked to receive a postcard received from Paris, France, in 1969. Jessica Means, a Portland resident, assumed the postcard in her mailbox had been delivered to the wrong address.

When she realised what was going on, she posted the postcard on social media with the comment, “Help me solve this mystery!”

“I’d like to know how this made its way home over the years.” Maybe you or someone you know recalls the Gagnons or knows who mailed this from Tallahassee in 2023! “Mr and Mrs Rene Gagnon, Or current resident,” she wrote in the post, received this postcard in the mail today.

“It was originally postmarked March 15, 1969, from Paris, but it took 54 years to arrive!” It bears a new postmark from Tallahassee, Florida, dated July 12, 2023. Clearly, the phrase “or current resident” and the new postage stamp were deliberate, but how did it go from Paris to Tallahassee to Maine?!”
The postcard was sent to Mr. and Mrs. Rene A Gagnon and featured a picture of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.

“Dear folks,” Roy wrote, “By the time you get this I will have long since been home, but it just seems proper to send this from the Tour Eiffel, where I am now. Don’t have a chance to see much but having fun.”

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