From the little village of Chebrolu in the Gollaprolu mandal, Oduru Nageswara Rao and his son Kishore are making news for their innovative agricultural endeavour.

Their four-acre orchard in Tammayyapeta hamlet, Thodangi Mandal, has been converted into a global mango centre by their quest for rare and lucrative mango types. They have been successful in cultivating a number of unique mango types, including the Miyazaki mango, which is the most costly in the world. Additionally, they have mangoes from Thailand’s Apple, Banana, Blue, Black Stone, and Black and White Jamun varieties in their inventory.

Despite coming from abroad, these mango types thrive in Andhra Pradesh’s environment and provide abundant harvests. The father-and-son team is dedicated to using only organic agricultural methods and avoids using pesticides and chemicals.

“When converted into Japanese yen, Miyazaki mango may sell for up to Rs 2.70 lakh per kilogramme. Compared to conventional mangoes, this kind has higher concentrations of antacids, folic acid, and beta-carotene. Only one mango was produced by our initial four Miyazaki plants the previous year. However, this year’s harvest was abundant, with each tree yielding three to four mangoes every kilogramme, according to the young farmer Kishore.

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