Netherlands qualified for the ODI World Cup last week. The Dutch joined Sri Lanka in reaching the sport’s quadrennial showpiece which is being hosted by India in October and November. It will be their fifth appearance in the tournament but first since 2011. However, the bigger challenge for Netherlands lies right after the World Cup qualification. There is still three months’ time for the mega event to take place and the Dutch team doesn’t have any scheduled matches to play. Meanwhile, the team also needs sponsors.

Netherlands coach Ryan Cook has called out for sponsors and matches in the subcontinent in an emotional appeal.

“This is a call-out to anyone who wants to play us. We’d love to have a fixture or two. Our guys have not been to the subcontinent many times before so it would be good to have some fixtures somewhere in the subcontinent as well,” said Cook

“Hopefully we will be able to pick up a sponsor or two, and bring a bit more revenue into the game.”

“The players get paid quite lowly in comparison to other countries so hopefully that will give us a bit more resources to be able to do that. At the moment, we only have a coaching staff with one member full time. It will take a bit of work from our end, and here’s a full invitation to any sponsors out there who feel like being on the front and the side of the shirt in the World Cup.”

Netherlands will start their 2023 ODI World Cup campaign with a game against Pakistan at Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium, Hyderabad on October 6.

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