Diabetes is one of the most serious health issues confronting the globe today. It is a condition in which your blood glucose levels rapidly increase. While there is no permanent cure for this disease, doctors recommend making dietary adjustments to help manage blood sugar.

If we do not pay attention to our food and overlook this problem, it can lead to a variety of other health problems that we would prefer to avoid at all costs. If you have diabetes and are unsure about what foods to eat, we are here to assist you. There are various superfoods that you can simply obtain in your kitchen that can benefit you greatly.

1. Haldi (turmeric)
Turmeric is a spice that may be found in almost every Indian household. It gives meals a distinct flavour and hue. Aside from that, it is high in antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory effects, making it ideal for the treatment of a variety of medical disorders, including diabetes. It helps reduce blood sugar levels, and the best way to get its benefits is to drink haldi doodh.

2. Tomatoes
We all know tomatoes are high in vitamin C, but did you realise they can also help with diabetes management? Tomatoes have a low glycemic index and are high in lycopene, which can help regulate blood sugar and minimise the risk of diabetes-related cardiac problems. It is better to consume them fresh and raw, as this is how you will benefit the most from them.

3. Nuts
Nuts are another superfood that you should incorporate in your diabetes diet. They, like tomatoes, have a low glycemic index. Nuts are high in omega-3 fatty acids, and the oils found in them can help with blood sugar and cholesterol management. Instead of unhealthy fried treats, try a handful of almonds instead. They’ll also keep you fuller for longer.

4. Karela (bitter gourd)
Because of its unpleasant flavour, many people avoid eating karela. However, if you have diabetes, you should consider including it in your diet. This vegetable includes polypeptide-p, a chemical that has been found to reduce blood glucose levels in the body. You can gain its benefits by cooking karela sabzi or drinking karela juice.

5. Legumes
Legumes are high in fibre and help us feel fuller for longer. They also aid to slow down the digesting process, which reduces blood sugar increases after meals. To treat diabetes, you must consume all forms of legumes, such as kidney beans, chickpeas, and lentils.

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