An apartment in northern Brazil fell on 7 July, leaving at least eight people dead and five more still missing.

Rescuers are still frantically searching among the wreckage for any survivors.

Eight-year-old and five-year-old children were two of the terrible incident’s victims.

According to the reports of the civil defence officers, four individuals were saved.

The residence is situated in the Janga suburb on the outskirts of Recife, in the northeastern Pernambuco state of Brazil. Social media is rife with videos of the horrifying fall of the four-story structure.

Firefighters and rescue personnel arrived at the collapse site right away. When the building fell at roughly 6:35 in the morning, several inhabitants were still in bed.

Although the cause of the building’s collapse is yet unknown, recent days have seen a lot of rain fall in the city, particularly in the seaside area.

Additionally, the governor advised the citizens to inside their buildings and cautioned them that additional rain was forecast in the next several days.

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