1. Masala Chai:

We have associated masala chai with rain for ages. But have you ever wondered why? The answer lies in the masalas added to the beverage. Usually, masala chai includes cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, and ginger, each of which is loaded with nutrients that help us stay nourished and immune against seasonal diseases. Besides, tea gives you a caffeine kick to feel fresh every single time.

2. Soup:

Nippy weather calls for everything warm and soothing, and what’s better than a bowl of soup to add to your diet? Soup is not only fulfilling but also provides a good amount of fluids and essential nutrients to keep you nourished and fortified.

3. Khichdi:

Dal is a storehouse of nutrients, and rice, if taken in the right amount, provides good carbs to keep you energized. And when mixed together, the dish becomes a powerhouse of goodness. Besides, khichdi is easy to make too. So, we say, prepare a bowl of this comforting delicacy and sail through the monsoon seamlessly.

4. Kadhas and Herbal Drinks:

Kadhas have been a part of traditional medicine since time immemorial. Made with a concoction of different herbs and spices, kadhas help you stay immune, and energized, and help prevent seasonal flu.

5. Probiotics:

Our energy level has a lot to do with our gut health. Proper digestion and metabolism help us stay healthy, happy, and active throughout the day. So, to keep monsoon-related gut issues like gas, acidity, and bowel problems at bay, we suggest adding enough probiotics to your diet. For the uninitiated, probiotics lead to the production of healthy gut bacteria to maintain balance in the body.