On the occasion of Tollywood actor Surya’s birthday, two fans were electrocuted while installing his banner in Palnadu district.
According to authorities, Nakka Venkatesh and Poluri Sai of Narasaraopet Mandal died of electrocution at Mopulavaripalem village in Palnadu district in Andhra Pradesh. According to reports, two were electrocuted while attempting to install the banner of actor Surya. The incident occurred when an iron rod of the structure came into contact with an overhead electric line, according to authorities. Both of the teenagers perished on the spot.

According to police, both of the deceased were in the second year of a private degree college in Narasaraopet. The bodies were taken to the Narasaraopet government hospital for postmortem examination. Ananya, Poluri Sai’s sister, blamed College for her brother’s death.

“College is to blame for my brother’s death,” she stated. We pay a lot of money to the college. Before we started at the institution, they guaranteed us that students would be safe and monitored, however the college is not protecting or supervising the students in the dormitory. We are daily workers. We work really hard to pay college fees and provide a wonderful life for my brother. It was a terrible thing that happened.”

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