While investigating the case of a Bengaluru resident who allegedly cheated women on matrimonial internet sites, Sub-inspector Radha M of Mysuru police said it became a “shocker” for investigators to find out that he had married 15 women. However, what certainly taken aback the SI have become the in addition discovery that he became in “discussions” with another 9 girls who were seemingly ready to marry him.

Mahesh K B Nayak (35), who has studied best until Class five, had allegedly been posing as a clinical doctor or an engineer on matrimonial websites for the past 10 years to trap women into marrying him. Last week, he changed into arrested after a software program application engineer he had married in advance this 12 months filed a complaint.

According to an officer, Nayak has 5 children in total with three of his higher halves. He has allegedly stolen greater than Rs three crore from as a minimum three of the women.

The forty five-12 months-antique software program engineer dwelling in Bengaluru, whose criticism induced Nayak’s arrest, met him on a matrimonial net site on August 22, 2022, consistent with the FIR. Nayak had claimed to be an orthopedician living in Mysuru and expressed his desire to marry her.

On December 22, 2022, Nayak introduced the lady to Mysuru, wherein he took her sightseeing and to a residence he had taken on hire, however instructed her he owned. He also suggested her that he emerge as starting a modern medical institution within the town, the FIR said.

They got married this year, on January 28, at a steeply-priced hotel in Visakhapatnam, wherein the girl is at the beginning from. The subsequent day, they again to Mysuru, and the day after that, on January 30, he knowledgeable her he needed to depart for three days for work. Then, he requested her for a mortgage of Rs 70 lakh to begin the health facility, and even as the woman refused, he threatened her.

Things came to a head on February 5, while Nayak made away with Rs 15 lakh in cash and gold that belonged to the female.

Even as her repeated tries to reach Nayak at the phone failed, she modified into in for a further marvel as some other lady showed up at the house claiming that Nayak become her husband.

It changed into then that she went to the police and filed a grievance, which in the end triggered Nayak’s arrest.




SI Radha said police took the grievance that Nayak had married girls. When police tried to name him, he became unreachable. “We tracked him via his cell phone and observed that he became near Tumakuru. When we checked his name information record (CDR), all the calls had been made by means of girls. Out of interest, we commenced calling these girls. After a proper communique, they started to open up and instructed us they have been married to Nayak.”

On July 9, a special organization from Mysuru arrested Nayak. Going thru his account on matrimonial web web sites, police observed that he modified into in touch with a few other 9 ladies who’ve been ready to get married to him. As investigators dug deeper into the case, the outlines emerged of the life of a serial fraudster.

With his education having stopped after Class 5, Nayak spent most of his life searching out a danger to act in films. But the hazard in no way got here. He emerge as moreover now not on exceptional terms along together with his own family – his dad and mom and brothers.

However, before the case that were given him arrested, there has most effective been a further case filed in the direction of Nayak, and this changed into in 2013.

“The first recognized sufferer of Nayak’s deceit had filed a complaint closer to him in Bengaluru again in 2013, while he to begin with absconded. Although an initial studies become released, it in the end reached a dead stop due to a loss of leads. Until now, there have been no in addition complaints in the direction of him,” the SI stated.

After the primary case in opposition to him, Nayak stopped his hunt for potential brides for a few days. Then, he opened a couple of money owed on online matrimonial portals, and contacted informed and prosperous ladies who had been financially independent.

“He doesn’t understand how to talk English well, and the various ladies rejected him due to the fact this raised their suspicion. Had this not been the case, the quantity of his patients could have expanded,” an officer stated.

One of the women he married changed into a health practitioner, and he allegedly used her health center to degree photographs that he used to portray himself as a health practitioner. Using those snap shots, he controlled to mislead different women, police stated.

“Nayak’s number one goals have been divorced women or girls who have been 35 years of age and above. But there were also a few younger women who married him assuming that he changed into wealthy,” an officer said.

He allegedly paid Rs 3,000-10,000 to human beings to pose as his mother and father, loved ones and buddies in the route of his wedding ceremony ceremonies. After the weddings, he should spend no more than three or 4 days with his new brides in rented houses with limited facilities. He may then allegedly tell them he become worried in a civil dispute and could teach them to disclaim any information of him if approached by way of the usage of police. Finally, he could disappear with the ladies’s earrings or after gaining manipulate in their houses.

“He has stolen more than Rs 3 crore in gold, cash, or belongings from 3 ladies, along with the most contemporary complainant,” the SI said.

“When we referred to as those women, they have been now not speaking brazenly, and said that they did not recognize Nayak. They assumed that we had been calling regarding the ‘civil dispute’. We had to percent with them the photos of his weddings with other ladies to cause them to agree with us, after which they could open up,” the SI brought.

Many of the women did no longer report a grievance because of the fact they blamed themselves and feared the social stigma, an officer said.

“The cash he took from those women have become invested someplace else. He has supplied a tipper truck, an earth mover, and some homes in his name,” an officer stated.

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